Islamorada Swordfish Charters

If you are looking to hook into a fish that will give you a fight of a lifetime, then the swordfish is the one for you. They are also fabulous table fair as well. There are two common ways to target these spectacular game fish. The most common and more traditional way is by drift fishing at night, or you can try the new daytime dropping for them. Both of types offer great opportunities, and are quite outstanding in their own aspects.


The night time fishing allows you to fish several rods at the same time. So in turn you can hook up more than one fish at a time. It is not uncommon to be doing battle with several fish at the same time. The most commonly used baits are squid as well as a variety of live baits ranging from blue runners to small dolphin. The Baits are spread out using floats with the baits suspended below the floats at different depths. Typically, each bait has a light attached near it, to help attract the swords. It is not uncommon to get up to ten bites throughout the night. Sharks are also a great by catch for the night time sword fish trips.


In the last few years, daytime fishing for swordfish has been the hot ticket. I guess it is due to the thrill of seeing one of these spectacular sea creatures all lit up during the day. It is quite a sight to see a sword jump once they are hooked up and fighting near to the surface. The big advantage to daytime fishing is you don’t typically wait long for a bite and the average size of the fish is typically larger.


You also have a chance to catch tuna and dolphin while traveling to and from the swordfish grounds. The disadvantages to daytime fishing are you can only fish one rod at a time, and you are typically fishing in waters 1200 to 2000 ft. Therefore it takes a while to reel these monsters up from those depths, but well worth it.


The beauty about swordfish is that they can be caught year around in South Florida with the best months being in the early fall. So don’t hesitate to get out and try your luck at these great fighting billfish.

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