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How to get to Robbie’s of Islamorada? We got you! Make sure you get the Google maps directions to arrive here at Robbie’s in no time! Also, you can leave a review after visiting, telling us about your experience and favorite part. See you soon!


How To Get To Robbie’s

Step By Step:

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    If you are wondering how to get to Robbie’s Marina, here we give you our step-by-step directions, so you can find this lost paradise in Islamorada.

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    Travel south from Islamorada across about a mile of roadway marked by a series of bridges and flanked on one side by the open Atlantic Ocean and the other by the tranquil Florida Bay.

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    On the Bayside at the southern base of the fourth bridge, nestled among Coconut Palms and Australian Pines, lies a taste of the Old Keys, a place that time has all but forgotten. It’s a hard U-turn to the right from the highway and a very short drive until you see the Hungry Tarpon Restaurant and our driveway just before it.

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    Find a place to park as you come down the drive; yes, that weather-beaten building to your right is actually your destination — didn’t we mention a place forgotten by time? Robbie’s doors and windows open at 7 AM, earlier by appointment, and close at 8 PM; anytime between those hours, we’re here to satisfy your every waterborne desire.