Activities at Robbie’s

We have activities for everyone!

Activities at Robbies: Feed the Tarpon

Feed the Tarpon

Maybe the “Silver Kings” just come here to see the humans, but toss a bait fish among them and the water churns as these monsters vie for the snack, causing quite a spectacle. Join our activities!

Activities at Robbies: Jet Ski Tours

Jet-ski Tours

Explore the beautiful bays basins & mangrove tunnels in Islamorada! Get out and ride!
Our 1 & 2 hour tours are fantastic. Discover 14 to 20 miles of beautiful turquoise waters all around Islamorada and experience dolphins and manatees playing in their natural habitats.

Activities at Robbies: Kayak Rentals

Kayak & Paddle board Rentals

“The Kayak Shack” offers the BEST kayaking in the Florida Keys. Explore two state parks – Indian Key & Lignumvitae Key. Observe mangrove eco-systems, island exploration & snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Islamorada.

Activities at Robbies: Snorkel the Keys

Snorkel the Keys

Snorkel trips available on two different vessels. Blue departs twice a day, 10:00AM and 1:30PM. KeyZ Charters can be booked for parties of 6 people or less. Join our activities!

Sunset Cruises

Sunset Cruises

Robbie’s of Islamorada offers Sunset Cruises on either the 100+ passenger catamaran Blue, or with KeyZ Charters on her 21′ deck boat for groups of 6 or less. 

Parasailing the Keys

Parasail the Keys

You’ll have a bird’s eye view of Indian Key, Tarpon & sea turtles, and views that stretch from Everglades National Park to the Alligator Lighthouse. Join our activities!


Four Aces, a 55-foot Hatteras, is waiting to take you on any adventure you can imagine. From a full day of fishing off Islamorada to cruising to the Bahamas, the Four Aces‘ customer-focused captain and crew are ready and able to make your dreams a reality.

Fully air-conditioned and loaded with all the modern amenities for a high-end owner’s sportfishing and recreation yacht. This vessel is a place to go and stay on the water, not just a day boat. It was designed to travel and live aboard. She has space and comfort for 2 couples, or a traveling group of up to 6 (USCG Coast Guard passenger limit).

Families or other larger groups can be on board overnight or for entertainment events. We also package larger groups with luxury shore accommodations. It works great for some who prefer “yacht days” for only a portion of their vacation stay. Join our activities!


Robbie’s Eco-Tours are a perfect way to experience the raw beauty and wonder of the Florida Bay. Our two-hour trips take you on an excursion through passages among the sea grass beds that rim the many protected shallow bays.
We take you among the hundreds of small, uninhabited mangrove and hardwood hammock islands, which host an amazing variety of wildlife and create the island network of the Florida Bay. To join our activities, book your trip now!


Want to go out fishing or maybe just drive in circles? Robbie’s Boat Rentals in Islamorada is a perfect place to start your Florida Keys trip.
Our location provides for quick access to a wide variety of popular Florida Keys attractions; some of the best fishing spots in both the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay are equally accessible from our docks, and nearby, narrow, winding mangrove-lined channels offer tranquil settings for bird watching.

We are very close to two popular shallow water reefs, Alligator Lighthouse and Cheeca Rocks, where you can snorkel the Florida Keys or dive in depths between 6 and 100 feet, with coral heads rising to within 3 feet of the surface.

Less than 1 mile from Robbie’s and at snorkeling-friendly depth rests the Spanish Galleon, San Pedro; you can swim down and see its historic cannons, ballast stones, and timbers. Book and join our activities now!

Florida’s Best Glass Bottom Boat Tour at Night

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the only Glassbottom Eco Tour at Night in Islamorada. This exceptional experience grants you access to the mesmerizing underwater world after dark, where the marine ecosystem reveals its hidden wonders. Check in 30 minutes before departure and get ready to set sail on a captivating journey. Our night tour takes place 20 minutes after sunset, immersing you in the enchanting glow of underwater lights. Marvel at the vibrant nightlife of Islamorada’s marine creatures as they engage in captivating movements and interactions. Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to explore the depths of Islamorada under the night sky.