Waiting for Mahi and Wahoo in Spring in the Florida Keys

Spring is in the air and thoughts of offshore fishing for Mahi and wahoo are on everyone’s brain. However it’s not time just yet, we still get to enjoy the inside reef and wrecks for another month. However we will start to see a few more of those species showing up, some early arrivals! The spring brings a strong yellowtail snapper bite at night because they start to spawn. Other fish that will be spawning are amberjack and Permit. These giants will show up on our deeper wrecks and on our humps offshore. Some of those spots will also get some giant sharks on them which are good for the extreme fight that they give to the adrenaline junkie. Along with the new activities that we are getting into we start to see a real good king mackerel and sailfish bite, and Cobia migration back on near shore up on the reeftop. We have been fishing for these species all winter but now we will see a bigger population on the last push of the year through town. We will start to venture offshore and do some deep dropping for snowy grouper, porgies, and tilefish in the 450 foot range and deeper. This gets us off shore where we can scout out the mahi fishing. And finally in our channels and bridges we will start to target giant silver kings otherwise known as Tarpon. As you can see spring time just like all year around in the Keys is loaded with options; that’s what makes us the fishing capital of the world. There are so many different options and species to target and take home for dinner. On the Blue Heaven we are ready for anything and are looking forward to meeting you soon and enjoying a day out on the deep blue or on the back country!

Captain Skye