Springtime Fishery in Islamorada

Yes, the spring time fishery is coming to Islamorada! In March we expect to see a migration being which will include more Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna and Cobia. These fish will join in with other species of traveling animals like whale sharks, leatherback turtles and hammerheads! When we find the whale sharks and leatherbacks, we will expect to see Cobia and with them the hammerheads, Sailfish and Tuna. We will sight fish for and see them surfing the waves coming from the north east directly into the current.

This is called a tailing condition, when this condition occurs it is very exciting for all of us fisherman in the Keys! Also the spring will bring large amounts of Amberjack to our area to spawn. Islamorada has always been a prime location for large Amberjacks; the world’s records have been set and broken here! As the water begins to warm up, it will also sark spawning conditions for our reef dwelling fish, we will start to catch large amounts of Yellowtail Snapper on our reef and wrecks where they congregate. This makes them hungry! It makes our Yellowtail fishing phenomenal during the day and especially at night!

We will continue to see Cobia being caught on the large stingrays that travel. This is also sight fishing and one of my favorite types of fishing to do when we find a large stingray on the bottom. It almost always has the company of a large school of Cobia. We will use a variety of baits, like crabs and shrimp to spark their interest. You want to get a hold of one, you’ll be in for a fight! There is a large variety of fish to go for here in Islamorada and each one with a different the of rig and bait and technique.Go for our Private Charter Captains here, they are always ready for every species as well as equipped with the knowledge of which ones to go for!

And finally, there are two more types of fish to go for which are more of a staple in something that is always a good backup plan. One would be deep dropping from 450 to 650 feet of water for Porgies, Tilefish, Snowy Grouper, Yellow and Red Grouper, and a large variety of others that is constant and always provides great table fair. The other would be Spanish Mackerel in the Gulf of Mexico, good for a six or eight hour trip. This species is also caught along with large Sharks such as Black Tips and Spinners. Also Mangrove Snappers are found back in the Gulf of Mexico and caught on light tackle. This is a great option especially when it’s a little bit rough on the oceanside because we may go to the Gulf, it’s always nice and calm.

So as you can see, there are many options for springtime fishery, so give us a call at Robbie’s Marina and book one of our private Charters or jump on the Capt. Michael!

I hope to see you real soon down here in Islamorada aboard the Blue Heaven..until then.. tight lines!

Capt. Skye Stanley!