Islamorada Yellowtail Fishing in November at Robbie’s

yellow tail fishing islamoradaHello again to all of our loyal followers, fisherman, and fellow tarpon feeders. Captain Ed from the Captain Michael party boat bringing you this month’s reef fishing report. We saw some quality days in October where the fish finally seemed like they wanted to bite. The fall winds are starting to pick up helping to “dirty” the water, which is a huge help when yellow tail fishing. The better the visibility the harder yellow tail fishing becomes. The fall winds help push sediments through the water helping to reduce the visibility.

Along with the fall season, the wind also helps to cool down the water and push some of our pelagic fish back in town. We have been seeing a few sailfish come up and check out the baits swimming in our chum slick, having live baits on hand will be key for any hopeful sailfish hook ups. We try and throw the cast net whenever fresh bait starts swimming behind the boat. We throw a 12ft cast net on the party boat, which when thrown properly is a pretty cool feat to watch. Plus it helps keep live bait on board and gives us the freshest bait for the best of chances. The fresh bait really helps when we try looking for some Kingfish. We have caught a few already in October yet the kingfish bite should really start to pick up with the water temp dropping and the northerly winds pushing in.

Lastly we have seen a solid bite on the mutton snappers, not all have been keepers but this fish fights like a tank. Not every hookup may be a keeper but it sure adds some fun on the end of your line. Speaking of fun, we want everyone to join in with us. So give Jessica and Charlie in our ticket booth a call and put some reservations in to come see us. If your fishing needs are a little more personal and advanced our ticket booth can help set you up with the right private charter to give you the ultimate experience you’re looking for.

Until next time always remember… You gotta hook em to cook em!

Captain Ed Freeling