Spring Break Snorkeling Report for February 2016

Spring break is coming up and snorkeling will be in full swing. The wind comes down and the water warms up; kids are out of school and we get busy! The beautiful uncrowded reefs of Islamorada are the perfect place to encounter great sea life, such as rays, eels and an abundance of tropical fish…Oh My!

We like to visit spots such as Alligator Reef, Hens & Chickens, Cheeca Rocks, and Caloosa Rocks. Every day is different, so we pick our spots based on where conditions and visibility are best. We do take requests but keep in mind, the crew attempts to the best of their abilities, to honor such requests.

The trips are perfect for first time snorkelers, young children, sullen teens, adults needing quiet time, grandparents and even people that just want to ride along and watch.
Hop on the Happy Cat and see for yourself!

Give us a call at 305-664-8070!

Capt. Lori Poling