Fall Fishing in Islamorada at Robbie’s Marina

With fall in the air, it’s time for the mullet migration. They are here in force. Large
school’s of mullet have made their way into Florida bay and surrounding keys waters.
Following them are the usual suspects! Tarpon, snook,spinner sharks, jacks to name a
few. The action has been red hot! The fall also opens the door to some fantastic
migratory species, including my favorite, the cobia! They will be on the markers on the
edge of the bay. These big brutish fish fight hard are great eating. The Spanish
mackerel have also showed and will reside all winter. Chuming in the gulf for these
fighters can be exciting! T hg e bite gets hectic, for those who like non stop action!
Mixed in with these fish are lady fish,bluefish and sea trout. Large spinner shark feed
on these schools of fish. Spinner sharks are top notch game an inshore version of the
mako! In the creeks and around the cape, large redfish and black drum are here both
can be found in the large size , I catch them up to 40 pounds in the winter! Triple tail
will be on the car b bouts, they are great eating and hard fighting on light tackle! So
book a trip it’s a great time of year!

Party boat fishing in the winter has the advantage of cooler water. This means an
influx of migratory fish like King Mackerel, sailfish and cobia. The cold front ”s that
push through also stir the waters making it easier to fool the sharp eye sight of the
various snapper we target. Although the winds can be strong we can fish close to shore
over patch reefs and stay in calmer waters and the mutton snapper fishing can be