Fall Fishing in the Florida Keys

Well The Fall Season is finally here, and the kids are all back to school. It's usually the slowest time of the year for fishing here in ladythe Florida Keys .  I'm only referring to the number of fisherman, not the number of fish.  All I can say is the fishing is awesome. The bait fish showed up in big numbers about two weeks ago.  And with the bait come the predator fish.

If you haven't gone to Live bait fish the humps with us for blackfin tuna you are missing out.  On every trip this fall we've loaded the boat with tuna.  Just yesterday we had 6 on at a time and managed to catch 20 beautiful blackfin and some fat skipjack tuna as well. With two live wells full of pilchards it was GAME ON !!!!  The Tuna were in suc h a frenzy at the back of the boat it wouldn't take two seconds to get a bite.  After getting our fill of tuna we went in search of dolphin.  And it didn't take long to find 5 nice gaffers under a frigate bird. We also found a nice piece of bamboo floating. It truly was a magical piece of debris. We managed to get some wahoo more dolphin and a huge tripletail.

I can honestly say this has been the best August and September I can ever remember for dolphin.  Just three days ago I found a school of over 1000 dolphin from 10 to 20 lbs. It was like the TV show Blue Planet.  There must have been over 50 frigate birds and brown boobies working the school.  It was quite a site.

It Looks like the Fall Tuna fishing on the humps is going to be just as good as it has been in the last few years.  WE like to catch these tuna on 12lb spinning rods, making it an absolute blast.  We can even catch them on fly rods when they are in a frenzy.

The Bottom fishing remains strong as well even though I haven't done much of it.  I can honestly say I've only gone bottom fishing one day in the last month, but it was outstanding. We filled the box with nice snappers up to 12 lbs and some nice porgies and amberjacks.

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