Capt. Michael Fishing Report for October 2015

Happy October to everyone, captain Ed here with this months fishing report from the Captain Michael party boat. While we saw a hotter September the good news is it should really start to cool down a bit in the near future. This is great for us fisherman. As the temp comes down the water should start cooling down some. This should help turn up the bite. The day trips over the last month have had some slower days but the night trips stayed productive. This should really start to balance out as the water drops a few degrees in temp.

The yellow tails are starting to bite. While we are having success finding yellow tails they don’t always want to feed when the water it too warm. They will school up and eat the chum but not touch the baits. Almost as if they are laughing at us. However with the cooler water coming in we will hopefully get the last laugh. Aside from the yellow tails our infamous mutton snappers should be spawning soon. Trying to catch these impressive fish on light tackle makes for some great fun. And for as much as people enjoy our delicious yellow tail, Mutton snapper might make your taste buds favor the strong and speedy mutton.

Lastly with the seasons changing that means some returning pelagic fish should be making their way back to town, fish such as mahi and King fish and the mighty sailfish will soon be part of our catch. It is my personal goal to try and land a sailfish on the party boat. The only way you can hope to get in on some party boat action, is by coming out and seeing us. Give the ticket booth a call and set up some reservations and let’s see what we can put on your dinner plate.

Until next month, tight lines!

Capt. Ed Freeling