Backcountry and Party Boat Fishing Report

Well, we got our first blast of real cold this week, but it will warm right back up. Fishing in the backcountry has been great! So good that it is hard to say were to begin. Let’s start in the Gulf and work our way east.

The Gulf west of Sprigger back have been producing lots of Spanish Mackerel, fast action and it is easy to catch 50- 60 fish in a trip. Mixed with the Macks are Bluefish, Jacks, large Lady Fish and Pompano. If you210are fishing over holes or any structure you can count on Mangrove Snapper too. Nice Big Tripletails have been my main attraction though, the banks are holding lots of them and there are some real big fish out there, some over 10 lbs. They fight great with great tail walks out of the water. The real bonus is that they are delicious as well.

Moving with the schools of Mackerel are Black Tip Sharks. They are a lot of fun, a real sporty fish to catch. They attack the surface bait with ferocity and the strike is always violent, once hooked they make fast, sustained runs and will often jump.

Into the channels between the banks, I have been catching lots of nice Mangrove Snapper and Large Lemon Sharks. The Pompano are starting to show there as well and the trick to getting them is to 211have someone watch the wake of your boat as you run, the fish will skip out of the water when you run over a school. Just come back around with a Pompano jig tipped with shrimp.

The Party Boat fishing has been great on the Capt. Michael. I know all of this great fishing sound too good to be true but it is all really happening. The party boat is slamming big “flag” Yellowtail at night, Capt. Tony had two nights last week when conditions were perfect and he caught over 150 lbs of the big boys!

Capt. Dave has been finding some big large Muttons during the day and lots of Porgies and Lane Snapper. So really if you are not here you are in the wrong place.